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Pre-Round Warm Up

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

A short dynamic warm up could make all the difference to your round of golf.

Here's a short warm up to try before you play or practise (click HERE for the video). Recent research shows that a dynamic warm up would be better than no warm up or static stretches (Coughlan et al, 2018 and Langdown et al 2019). The exercise within this video and this warm up are really simple to perform on the driving range or first tee. This is by no means a comprehensive warm up, but it is aimed at those golfers who are either looking to add to their current warm up, those that are just performing static stretches and/or those that are not doing any warm up.

Exercises include...

1. Leg swings

2. Shoulder mobility

3. A-stretch

4. Standing Rotations

5. Non-dominant side golf swings

6. Progressive golf swings

“A Dynamic Warm Up is better than performing Static Stretches and/or No Warm Up for your golf performance.”

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