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Training the Glutes!

Training the glutes (bum muscles) is quite popular at the moment in golf and general fitness industry. The glute muscles can be an important set of muscles to work, especially the glute max.

But similar to other muscles, you still need to apply progressive overload to see improvements in strength and/or size. This means that performing a few resistance band exercises might not provide enough stimulus for adaptation and improvement.

Firstly, try to focus on compound movements… squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip thrusts and machine based leg exercises, such as the leg press.

To see improvements in muscle size, then you would need to work at an intensity which is close to failure. And to see improvements in strength you would need to progress the load or reps.

Although, if you keep increasing reps, for example from 10 to 20, to 30, you will really be training muscular size and endurance and not so much strength (it would be strength endurance).

This can be fine, if you are really limited for equipment and this is the only option. However, a smarter option for size and strength would be to add load/increase weight (at least for a selected few exercises).

Many types of band exercises can be used as additional volume and accessory exercises, but the majority of training should focus on your main compound lifts.

Training example

week 1 - squats 2x10 30kg

week 2 - squats 2x12 30kg

week 3 - squats 2x15 30kg

week 4 - squats 3x10 40kg

week 5 - squats 3x12 40kg

week 6 - squats 3x15 40kg

you could repeat this or progress to something heavier (eg, pyramid 12-10-8, or 4x8-10).

You can repeat the above with any compound exercise.

Basically, stick to the compound moves. Use progressive overload. And throw in band exercises at the end for extra volume. When training at home, you might just have to use higher reps, but understand, you will need to go close to failure and you may be improving endurance compared to max strength.

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