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Training for the Older Golfer

A couple of things come to mind immediately when training an older golfer... Medical history and Recovery. These along with many other factors are going to influence what exercises/ exercise programme someone should be doing. As we age, we lose strength, power and mobility... Typically all the things we need for golf! But also for activities of daily living too. For example, power (being able to apply force quickly) can help prevent falls in the elderly, and increased power is linked to reduced falls. Being strong and mobile can help reduce aches and pains and possibly reduce the chance of becoming injured in the future (i.e. strong muscles and joints are more resilient ones). Not to mention the benefits of being strong during everyday life (i.e. getting up from a chair or the floor etc). Additionally, we should not forget the importance of Cardiovascular fitness and the health of the heart and lungs. Therefore, training for the older golfer should look to take a 'Concurrent' approach. This is basically training multiple attributes (strength, cardio, power) at the same time (i.e. same week, for example), compared to a traditional approach where you might just focus on one thing at a time. And there's pro's and cons to each approach.

Some research suggests, if you are new to training, Over 60's can see improvements in strength with training just twice per week. And the same applies to cardiovascular training too. Furthermore, intensity does not have to be as high as if you were younger (i.e. with an RPE/ perceived exertion of 4+/10 or moderate intensity, you could see results). Here's an example of what a week might look like: Monday: Strength Training & Mobility/stretching Tuesday: Brisk walk (20mins+ at 65% max hear rate) Wednesday: Round of Golf & Mobility/stretching Thursday: Strength Training & Mobility/stretching Friday: Bike Ride (20mins+ at 65% max hear rate) Saturday: Round of Golf & Mobility/Stretching Sunday: Mobility/Stretching This is purely an example and obviously depends upon many factors, like those previously mentioned. Strength training and mobility sessions are available below. A gym is not always needed (although, they do help in some cases), and you can see many benefits from performing exercises at home. Here's a Free eBook to improve Mobility, Strength and Power at Home (3-short workouts included). Check out Golf Fitness On Demand HERE. It includes home and gym workouts and programmes to help improve strength, mobility and power. Including sessions from 5-30 minutes.

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