• Matt

Top of Backswing Strength & Power

Being able to apply force from the top of the backswing can help create more speed coming through impact. In this video I demo some exercises to help apply this force.

But, as usual, it is important to improve general strength (like what I suggest at the end of the video) in the lower body especially with exercises including squats, deadlifts, hip thrust etc. Usually these are the type of exercises that should make up most of the training and the exercises in this video can be included at certain times.

For example towards the end of a programme or certain phase of training.

You may have strength phase where you focus on squats, and perform some speed-strength exercises with the lateral lunges. Or you could include the cable and/or medicine ball exercises within a power phase or training.

Either way, focus on basic movement patterns and then supplement with exercises like these during different times in your training.

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