Strength for Golfers

Strength For Golf Being strong is important for golf and life, but it is often relative too. Here's how it can help your golf. If you haven't seen the last post about Flexibility & Mobility, click HERE now.

Being strong can help reduce the risk of golf related injuries and help improve clubhead speed. Strength is basically the ability to exert force and when talking about strength it is generally meaning the muscles and connective tissues. But of course, we want strong bones too. So, where to start when improving strength for golf? It really depends upon many things, such as, current level of fitness, training history, injury history and goals. For example, if you are just starting out with limited experience in strength training, you can get a lot done with very little equipment (such as training at home with bands and bodyweight). However, if you have experience strength training and/or have goals to reach swing speeds of 120mph+ you are most likely going to need some heavier weights. HERE are some videos on YouTube which can help improve strength at home and in the gym.

When looking at the golf swing, it doesn't look like a lot of strength is necessarily required, as we are swinging a light golf club. However, for creating 'power' we need force and speed. Additionally, if you have a lot of speed without the strength/force, you could increase your risk of injury (i.e. not being able to control your speed). More on speed and power next time. Check out Golf Fitness On Demand HERE. It includes home and gym workouts and programmes to help improve strength golf golf and life. Including sessions from 5-30 minutes

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