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Static Or Dynamic Stretching

We are told to stretch at various times… before a workout, after a workout and even throughout the day. This is meant to help out movement and flexibility, improve how you feel, reduce injury risk and improve ‘performance’.

When most people think of ‘stretching’, they think of ‘static stretching’, where you would hold a position of mild discomfort for a period of time (such as 10s or more).

See static stretches below

Golf Fitness: Stretches for Golf

Although, there are others types of stretching, such as dynamic stretching.

5-Minute Dynamic Golf Warm Up

Dynamic stretching is where you move into and then out of a position; and can have many benefits, including being great for warm ups and can be best for aiding recovery. (Static stretching is thought to stimulate the central nervous system more, therefore, not making as good for recovery).

I think dynamic stretching is something that should be in everyone’s programmes or weekly routine somewhere... e.g. warm ups, recovery sessions.

If you are stretching to improve mobility, are you sure it’s not a stability issue? If it is, stretching could make it worse or at least you could be wasting your time and not achieve anything.

If you are static stretching and it feels good and/or it’s helping improve movement and mobility (I.e you are tracking improvements and progress), keep going.

A great place to start with dynamic stretching can be 1-2 sets of 10 reps, in a controlled motion. See video above for a good place to start to To help with golf performance.

Coming soon - how to find out if you should be static stretching, and if you are lacking movement, to know if you have a mobility or stability issue.

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