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Self Efficacy/ Confidence

It is funny when watching the pro’s on TV and them hitting amazing shots makes you think you could go out and play better.

Picture from Instagram (not mine)

But this makes sense when you think how self efficacy works…

Self efficacy is basically your belief in your own abilities within a task. Think of it as a kind of confidence.

there are four ways to improve self efficacy

  1. Mastery (getting better at a skill and/or previous success)

  2. vicarious experiences (seeing others perform the skill)

  3. Social persuasion (coaching and feedback)

  4. Physiological/Emotional arousal (reduced stress and anxiety)

The one that’s important here is number 2, vicarious experiences. This is where you watch someone else perform an activity or skill successfully, and then believe yourself to be able to perform better, through learning what you have seen.

This can sometimes help performance by improving self efficacy towards a golf skill (eg seeing Phil Mickelson play a flop shot). But it could also backfire if you have a false sense of confidence towards a particular skill.

This is because you will need to possess some skill in the first place (with some basic understanding on how to play a flop shot), but what self efficacy can do is help improve performance with added confidence.

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