Resistance Band Exercises for Golf

Due to recent events, home based exercise has become very popular. Many people train at home anyway and some have maybe converted to home training.

There can be issues with home training, depending on what you have available and how you progress the exercises. Let’s say you start a home based workout with resistance bands (including exercises such as the ones in the video above).

If you havent been training for a while you could see results doing the same thing for a few weeks. But then, without making the exercises more challenging, you will quickly plateau. If you continued with exactly the same exercises, you are only likely to see much change, or any decent results.

This can be one of the challenges with home exercise, where it can be difficult to progress exercises in the right direction. Meaning, you can add reps, but if your goal is to improve max strength, for example, then adding reps isn’t going to help you achieve this.

During certain stages of training and/or depending on level of fitness, home based training with resistance bands can be valuable.

If however your main goal is to stay physically active and golf performance is secondary, then resistance bands and home training can certainly help stay physically active.

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