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Recovery for Golf Injury and Performance

Here's a few things in order of importance for recovery and/or helping improve performance.

  1. Nutrition and hydration

  2. Sleep

  3. Active recovery

  4. massage and mobility

  5. extras - foam rolling etc

Firstly, good food and hydration. You really do get out of your body what you put in or how you fuel it. From a basic level, making sure you drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated, as being dehydrated can negatively effect performance and how the body functions.

Additionally, eating a lot of crap foods, processed foods, which don't supply the body with vitamins and minerals the body needs to function, will negatively effect recovery and performance. Not to mention, they could increase stress on the body and risk of injury.

Good quality sleep (just as important as nutrition and hydration) is something many people might struggle with, but also don't spend the time to put good sleep habits (sleep hygiene) into place. You might be in sleep debt and not even realise your new lower level of functioning. Catch up on your sleep and you can perform better and reduce the risk of injury.

Recovery or rest doesn't always mean doing nothing. For example, light exercise can help aid recovery. But it doesn't have to be formal exercise, it could be going to the park with the kids, going for a walk with your dog and/or partner or participating in a hobby. These don't only provide physiological benefits, but also psychological benefits.

I like when people can use dynamic stretching (more so than static stretching) as this can also help aid recovery. Similar to the above, it can help the body and mind. So can massage. Obviously, lots of different types of massages, with some aiding recovery more so than others.

And, not that massages can't help with recovery, but they are by far from the most important things to focus on. Many people might turn to these because they feel they can't control the above, more important things.

Number 5 in the list at the top I have simply put extra's. Typically people might foam roll or use cold baths or contrast showers or cryotherapy. All of which could help with recovery and performance, however, they are no where near as important when compared to the previous options.

It is also important to mention that a well planned exercise programme (and golf practising schedule) can go a long way to helping recovery and reducing the risk of over reaching (doing too much) and to help reduce the risk of injury.

This post didn't go into detail about how to improve each of the above... more on that another time.

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