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Power For Golf

In golf, we need to be able to move and produce force quickly. Check out the FREE eBook at the bottom of this email. In case you missed the last post on Strength for golf, click HERE.

An important golf performance variable is Club Head Speed (CHS) and Ball Speed (BS). CHS correlates strongly with golf handicaps; golfers who shoot lower scores and have lower handicaps generally have faster CHS. Even on the PGA tour, faster CHS and driving distance is linked to winning more money.

As in the last email, to improve power we first need strength or force. You can see improvements in CHS from strength training along, however, speed and power training are important for optimising performance. Basically, we need to practise moving things quickly. Often, if you're a new golfer, just swinging the golf club (particularly the driver) can help increase CHS. This can be through coordination and muscle firing patterns as well as improving golf swing technique. However, to improve power with a light implement, we need to be moving as fast as we can! And when swinging the golf club, chances are you don't swing as fast as you possibly can, as you want to remain in control and make good contact with the ball. This is where power training comes in.

HERE are some videos on YouTube which can help improve Power at home and in the gym. Let's say you swing about 80% of your maximum speed with your driver (this is to keep the ball in play!). The goal would be to still swing at 80% of your maximum speed, but now through training your "80% speed" is faster than before. So you are still in control, maintaining your accuracy whilst hitting the ball further. Just trying to swing harder and faster might mean that you reduce accuracy and even BS from 'off centred" striking. Here's a Free eBook to improve Mobility, Strength and Power at Home (3-short workouts included). Check out Golf Fitness On Demand HERE. It includes home and gym workouts and programmes to help improve speed and power for golf and life. Including sessions from 5-30 minutes.

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