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PGA Tour Stats (Fairways and Greens)

Watching golf on TV, we don't only see the best players in the world, but those who are also playing their best, for that week/round too. So the shots we see are the best of the best!

Driving accuracy (although not the most popular stat anymore with strokes gained around, but for simplicity here) on the PGA Tour this season (2021) is 60%. Thats 8/14 fairways in a round from the best players in the world. With a range from 46-75% from worst to best driving accuracy. So be realistic when you only hit 50% of fairways.

You would think from 100 yards, pro's on the PGA Tour would hit the green a lot of the time (around 90%, right). But the GIR (green in regulation) is again lower than you would expect (or at least compared to what I would expect).

PGA Tour 2021 average GIR from 75-100 yards = 76.62%

PGA Tour 2021 average GIR from 100-125 yards = 70.84%

PGA Tour 2021 average GIR from 125-150 yards = 63.46%

If you think most of them are hitting a wedge of some kind for the majority of those shots too and still missing the green up to a third of the time. Again, be realistic when you play next... If the best players in the world miss the green from 100 yards, you will too. With realistic expectations, you can enjoy your golf more.

PGA Tour stats can be found HERE

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