• Matt

Perfect Posture

  • Is there such thing?

  • And if there was, is it attainable for most golfers?

  • How can we measure it? Is ‘eye balling’ something like posture good enough?

  • Will changing posture help improve golf performance and/or reduce the risk of injury?

If we look at golf posture or set-up posture, things like positioning of the feet and hands could effect how other joints move. Let alone if you have any possible postural characteristics such as excessive kyphosis or internally rotated humerus (mentioned in the video).

This being said, I believe there isn’t a perfect posture. But there’s probably a certain corridor for each person to work within which will allow them to make the best and most repeatable swing for themselves.


Looking at posture, you can generally see if something is quite a way out (eg, flat feet, forward head, anterior pelvic tilt). And probably if it’s not immediately noticeable, it might not need to be changed. Is a few degrees of anterior pelvic tilt an issue? Probably not a big deal! Or at least probably shouldn’t be spending too much time trying to change it when they could be better things to spend time on to improve golf performance, such as improving strength and speed in basic movement patterns.

Most golfers (99% of amateurs) are unlikely to attain perfect posture (similar to that of pro’s like Adam Scott, for example) due to different body shapes, lifestyle factors and previous injuries for example.

Just by improving posture, doesn’t mean your swing will necessarily improve. However improving certain postural positions could give you the opportunity to make different movements within the golf swing.


Spend time improving golf posture if there’s something obvious, otherwise, focus on improving strength and power at home or in the gym. And guess what…? Focusing on improving strength in basic movement patterns couple improve posture anyway! nothing fancy needed.

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