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More rotation for more distance?

Specifically in this post we are talking thoracic rotation (trunk rotation), and if developing more can increase cupboard speed and driving distance.

As with many things and answers I give people, it depends! We can add rotation into the swing at the expense of other (maybe) compensatory movements which would not necessarily help increase clubhead speed, it could even negatively affect this.

Next, you could increase the ability to rotate but not have the ability to create false power from this new position. Increasing back swing rotation can allow for greater time during the downswing to create speed, but if you cannot create force from that extra rotation, it will remain unused.

Similarly to what we mentioned above with compensatory movements, attempting to increase clubhead speed with more rotation, can depend on a lot more than just one segment. For example, what hands and arms doing, or how are the hips and pelvis working during the swing.

So, more thoracic rotation could lead to increase club head speed, but it can also depend upon other factors too.

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