Mobility & Flexibility for Older Golfers

Here's just a few stretches to help improve mobility and flexibility for older golfers. These exercises are far from extensive, but give you a good place for where to start. And you can even perform these everyday.

Flexibility & Mobility both being important for everyday activities and golf. As we age, muscle tissues can become stiffer (possibly as we move around less). It's important to include exercises like these into your training.

Exercises in the video include:

1. Glute stretch

2. Open book stretch

3. Hip Flexor with lateral trunk

4. Lat stretch

5. Chest stretch

Even though Mobility and Flexibility are often used to define the same thing (even by myself, sometimes), they aren't quite the same. See my post on Mobility and Flexibility for more details. But essentially, flexibility is part of joint mobility. But for joint mobility, we also need stability and good positioning. So, stretching along (or sometimes stretching at all) might not be the answer to improving mobility.

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