Mobility & Flexibility for Golf

HERE are over 30 videos helping improve flexibility and mobility for golf and everyday life. In these videos, it is mostly static and dynamic stretching, however, there are other types to help improve mobility.

Firstly, mobility would be the range of motion around a joint. This not only requires appropriate flexibility (muscle length), but also posture or positioning of joints and strength or stability of muscles to create the movement. Joint mobility is what we are looking for, not just flexibility.

We need to know, if a joint is not functioning how we would like, if it's because of a flexibility or stability (strength) issue. Of course, there could be other reasons too such as previous injury, genetics or your specific anatomy.

Using only flexibility exercises to improve a mobility issue might not always get the result you want. This is often why I would use stability/strength and flexibility exercises together to help improve a mobility issue.

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