MAP Warm Ups for Golf

Mobilise, Activate and Potentiate (MAP) exercises should be included in a warm up.

HERE are a few videos to help with some exercise ideas for warm ups before exercise and/or golf.

Firstly, we would look at mobilising joints... a good way to do this is to include dynamic stretches. This can improve movement around joints and also increase body/muscle temperature. In the link above, I have included some really simple exercises which can be a good start.

Next, we want to activate the muscles. This doesn't necessarily mean to perform isolation exercises, but can involve dynamic exercises to get the muscles warm and working. These exercises can be combined with the mobility ones too, where exercises can both, work on mobilising joints and activating muscles (e.g. lunges or squats).

Lastly, potentiation would be to increase power or speed of movement. So we would need to perform something quickly or explosively. This could be golf swings if you are about to play golf or squat jumps (for example) before a workout or round of golf.

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