• Matt

Low Back Pain in Golfers

Firstly, low back pain can have many causes and I'm just looking mainly at biomechanical causes (i.e. the way we move) that typically relate to golfers and the golf swing.

Secondly, this is a look at reducing the risk of Low back pain and not helping those with low back pain... these people should seek specific help from a medical professional.

I'm not going to use cliche's like 'bulletproof you back'.... I'm trying to keep things simple.

There are certain movements during the golf swing that can possibly increase the risk of low back pain. This would be the role of the golf professional and fitness professional to make sure you do not present these movements during the golf swing. These include:

  • Reverse C (during follow through/finish position)

  • Crunch factor (excessive lateral bend during the downswing/acceleration phase)

  • Swing Speed

  • Sequencing and seperation

Physical limitation (i.e. such as limited mobility around joints) could increase the stress put on the low back and therefore increase the risk of injury.

  • Limited Hip Internal rotation of lead hip

  • Limited thoracic spine rotation

Additionally, I believe strength has a part to play too. Improving strength of muscles and tissues (and bones) around the low back means they are more resilient to injury.

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