Is there a Distance Issue on the PGA Tour?

Firstly, it's pretty obvious amongst most amateur golfers that there is no driving distance problems. So, if there was to be a problem, then it would only be with the best players in the world.

The reason for this post is after somewhat recent changes in club length on the PGA tour (see article here). Further to this, Phil Mickelson has appeared to mention about changing the ball and not the length of clubs (see Phil speaking here).

Is there an issue in the first place...? Average driving distance on the PGA tour for 2021 is 296 yards. Compared to 10 years ago, in 2011, where it was 290 yards. Not a lot of change, but there seems to be more players hitting the ball over 300 yards (e.g. 61 players in 2021 compared to 21 players in 2011).

Firstly, I'm not entirely sure there is an issue or problem with the driving distance on the PGA tour in the first place. But if there is or the PGA and/or R&A wanted to change something, why change the equipment!? To me there are much better choices and options...

What about changing the layout of the courses. To me, this seems like the most obvious change and one of the easiest things to try too. For example, grow the length of the fairway and/ or rough. The ball won't run so far and there becomes more of a penalty for missing off-line.

What about internal 'out of bounds' on the PGA tour. I could be wrong, but I don't think this exists! There could be unlimited ways to set a golf course up to make it more about hitting the right distance compared to hitting it as far as you can.

A course could grow the length of the rough for a tournament as a trial and see what happens. There should definitely be some holes where driver can still be hit, and drivable par 4's, because thats fun to watch and a good part of the game.

This is only relevant if there is actually an issue with driving distance. I personally don't like it when you see players 'bomb' a driver and end up 40+ yards off-line and still be in play. I do like the skill and ability to hit the ball a long way and with accuracy. I don't agree with the PGA for changing or limiting driving length and I don't agree with Mickelson about changing the ball either.

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