How fast to perform Exercises when training for Golf

In this video I go through different ways you might change the tempo of an exercise depending on what you want to get out of it.

Within an exercise program, tempo is often given in for numbers. Such as 2:1:2:1.

Typically with the eccentric/lowering number first, then a number for the pause or time between then lifting portion, third is the concentric/lifting phase, and then lastly is the time before the next rep.

For example, in the off-season, where you might be focusing on improving a movement pattern and or increasing muscle mass, you will be using a slower/controlled tempo. EG. 3:1:2:1.

But when training for speed or power, you can use the same exercise (like split squats in the video example), but use a fast/explosive tempo. It might be written like 0:0:0:1, or just ‘max’ speed, where the intent should be to move as quickly as possible.

watch the video above for even more information about usinf tempo in your training.

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