HIIT for Golfers?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), has grown in popularity due to health and performance benefits and less time consuming compared to steady state or lower intensity cardio.

The first issue is, are people actually doing HIIT, or are the doing moderate intensity exercise!? For exercise to be high intensity, you would really need a heart rate of 90% maximum. You are not going to maintain this for long at all, and then you would need to rest for a longer period before going again.

So, chances are, most people are doing moderate intensity interval training (MIIT). And there is no problem with this, as MIIT too can improve cardiovascular fitness.

If your HIIT session/circuit includes exercises like, push ups, squats, lunges, rows etc, then I think it’s unlikely to be a HIIT session. It is very difficult to get your heart rate up to 90% max this way.

If you added plyometric (jumping) explosive variations of these, then it would be more possible, but you quickly add a high Volume of impact based exercise. And this can quickly increase your risk of injury.

Although, for golf performance, for the energy put into HIIT, I don’t believe you are going to see too many performance benefits coming out of it. You are much better off using your energy doing strength training. Especially as most people have time constraints for exercise.

Strength training first, which can see some improvements in cardiovascular fitness (although fitness is very specific to what you train for) and then supplemented with low to moderate intensity exercise.

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