Habits are better than Goals

You can set some of the best goals, however, if you don’t have the right habits in place, you will not achieve those goals.

So, if your goals is to improve your golf performance or to lose weight, then it will be your habits that determine if you will be successful… And not how specific your goal is.

Let’s say you wanted to increase your club head speed, lose weight or to have less back pain when playing golf…

Are the habits you have in place right now helping you improve and get closer to your goal?

Habits can be things like going to the driving range, going to the gym, eating a lower calorie lunch.

Habits can be more than this, it could be getting your gym kit ready the night before, preparing a lower calorie lunch the night before, or making sure you have your clubs in the car ready to pop by the driving range on your lunch break or after work.

But what if you don’t have time…? Well, let’s say you wanted to go to the driving range more to improve your club head speed or swing in general. Assuming you know what to practise when you are there, you could simply start with 20 shots in 5 minutes in the practise net. Couple of times a week is 40shots. Over a month, that’s 160 shots. Over 3-months, that’s almost 500 extra shots. Abs that’s if a few times you didn’t hit a few more or venture to 50 balls on the driving range itself. See how just little habits can even add up!

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