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Golf-ish Exercises

Exercises don’t have to look like the golf swing to be relevant to golf. The most specific exercise for golf itself, would be the golf swing. However, performing your own golf swing is unlikely to improve physical qualities we need to develop a “better” golf swing.

Performing exercises mimicking the golf swing or similar exercises will not often help improve qualities such as mobility, strength and power.

In the picture above I am demonstrating a cable rotation exercise (I could have used worse examples), which often many people might think it’s great for golf. Now, it certainly could be if it can fulfil any of the above mentioned physical qualities and/or depending on the time of the season or your current training programme it is used in.

So, you could perform this exercise explosively and powerfully to improve speed and power, or you could load up the exercise substantially to improve strength in this rotary position. Loading this particular exercise up could however be difficult! For power however, lighter loads can be fine.

Many people might use this as a rotary core exercise, which can be useful. But like any other strength exercise, we need to progressively overload it. That might not be a problem as this exercise might only be in you programme for 2-6 weeks, although, if you are always performing this exercise, chances are, you have not progressed (but more on that another time).

If however, you follow a programme which includes progressive overload in exercises such as squat, split squats, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, rows, pulldowns/pull ups (for example), throwing a few extra exercises in is unlikely to be harmful, BUT it might not be helping too much either.

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