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Exercises for Low Back Pain

Looking at golfers low back pain from a biomechanics view point, we want to look at how the parts of the body function above and below the low back. That's the hips and thoracic spine. We could help low back pain, or the risk of low back pain if these are moving better and we increase strength of the muscles around the spine.

Four things that I believe contribute to low back pain include:

  1. Load management

  2. Previous injury

  3. Muscular imbalance

  4. Weakness.

In THIS video I go through some basic exercises which can provide a good start to help reduce your risk of low back pain. The exercises can also help with muscular imbalances (see number 3 above) and make a start of muscle weakness too. Stronger muscles can withstand more and are more resilient, therefore, improving strength can not only help improve your golf performance but could help reduce the risk of injury too.

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