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Core Stability/Strength for Golf

In this video, I briefly speak about using core stability exercises to improve your golf performance.

Core stability being the ability to control (or stabilise) the low back and pelvis (lumbo-pelvic hip complex). This can include many muscles, such as those in the legs and trunk, even include the Latissimus Dorsi connecting the pelvis to the arms.

Core stability exercises are generally 'strength-endurance', and this is a good place to start in training. However, during the golf swing, we do need to stabilise the 'core' whilst generating force and speed and allow force to be transferred from the lower body to upper body. It is therefore important to have core strength too!

Starting with core stability (or core endurance) exercises and progressing to core strength can be a good place to start and including both in your programme can be beneficial to golf performance.

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