Core Exercise for Golfers

When most people think of the ’core’, they probably think of the back and abs. But it can involve a whole lot more. It's difficult to find a consensus on what should be included when talking about the core, but for the sake of this post, it will be muscles around the pelvis and spine. So, anything to strengthen and control the pelvis and spine.

When talking about core training, I generally class exercises as core stability and/or core strength. Really, it's all just a type of strength, with the core stability exercises being more 'strength-endurance'.

I like to see the core stability exercises as good for the beginning of a program to help teach awareness of the spine and pelvis and the ability for people to feel the right muscles working. These could be exercises like a dead bug, bird-dog, side bridge or plank.

Sure, you can throw crunches (or variations in too), I don't think a set of crunches a couple of times a week is going to negatively effect posture or damage your spine. There might just be better options to help improve strength and fitness.

Progressing these exercises onto core strength exercises which are generally more challenging, and it could be as simple as adding load/weight to the exercises mentioned above, or looking at others, such as ab roll outs, pallof press or hollow body's.

There can be different types of movements used to train the core, such as flexion, extension and lateral flexion of there spine. As well as anti-rotation (or any other ani- movements) and isometrics (muscles contractions without moving). All can be useful at times.

The trap which you don't want to fall into for golf is to see a movement that looks like golf, and try to mimic that with an exercise. For example, a Russian twist involves rotating, so must be good for golf, right!?. Well, it could be a good core stability exercise, but I'm not sure you could process this exercise in the right direction and replicate the load or speed used in a Russian twist to match that of the golf swing.

If you wanted to, you could use the Russian twist for 2-4 weeks and then progress onto a half kneeling pallof press for 2-4 weeks and progress onto a standing pallof press (moving from core stability to core strength). You could also use the similar position as a core power exercise and perform a med ball throw.

HERE is a Youtube Playlist for Core Stability & Core Strength Exercises

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