• Matt

Box Jumps for Golf

Box Jumps can be a great exercise to help develop Power for golfers. They can be good for those looking for a lower impact variation (maybe compared to a normal squat jump).

Here’s how to use them…

As with all power based exercises, you need to perform each rep explosively. no matter how high the box, you still jump as high as you can.

Using a really high box is often show boating and can often be completely unnecessary.

It is important that you step down and not to jump down from the box, as it would negate some of the purpose of doing a box jump in the first place. (Unless of course it is part of a competition).

You may use the box jump early on in a power Training plan, as a way to introduce developing power, without the forces of landing back on the ground.

Don’t perform too many reps. Each rep should be explosive and therefore performing 15-20 reps will not be training power, but endurance and cardio.

Training example:

week 1 - 2x5

week 2 - 2x6 (increase reps)

week 3 - 3x6 (increase set)

week 4 - 3x6 (stay the same before moving onto a progressive exercise in the following week)

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