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Benefits of Cardio (for Golfers)

Cardio can often be a bad word within the golf training world and many strength and power sports and sure, it can get in the way to say the least. Yes, we are all golf athletes, but health and enjoyment should be the top priorities within training.

When I talk about cardio, Im talking about some planned exercise where you are achieving at least 50% max heart rate. This could be running/walking, cycling, swimming, playing a sport, etc.

Firstly, if you enjoy cardio, then do it. Obviously, if you are into ultra marathon running, but also want to improve strength and power for golf, then you would need to be realistic with your expectations as they will effect each other.

There are so many benefits to cardio-respiratory exercise including:

  1. Improve cardiovascular and respiratory health

  2. Enjoyment and Mood

  3. Reduce stress

  4. Improve recovery, sleep and energy

  5. Help lose weight

  6. Help strengthen bones

Sure, everything above can be improved with resistance training too except if you don’t enjoy it. And, if you are new to resistance training, or depending on level of fitness or with certain types of resistance training, you might not see similar improvements in cardio respiratory fitness.

So, cardio can be great for general health and have a positive influence on golf performance too. A well rounded program with cardio and resistance training in can be ideal for general health and golf performance.

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