Balance Training for Golfers

Firstly, I'm not a big fan of what I would call traditional balance exercises for most of the people I train. Whether this is standing on a stable surface or unstable surface like balance disks or bosu balls.

With static balance exercises such as standing on one leg or holding different positions are unlikely to transfer into the golf swing or even into everyday life Activities.

Even more dynamic exercises, like a single leg deadlift, I don’t think there is great transfer to golf and everyday life. The balance demands and speed of movement compared to golf are completely different. And the demands to stay stable or balanced during an exercise can often outweigh the ability to progressively overload it to improve strength.

I feel when people lose ’balance’ during the golf swing, it’s not their ability to balance, but its something else that’s happened during the golf swing… either a movement or speed of movement they have not been able to control. So really it’s a lack of mobility of strength during the swing they were trying to make.

so, more often than not, the exercises in the video above are the closest I come to balance exercises for golfers.

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