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Chest Strength Training for Golfers

Click HERE for the video showing some Chest/Pectoral exercises for golfers.

Chest exercises are an important part of a golfers fitness routine. I will often talk more about back/upper back exercises, as I feel people often neglect this area and could do with more to help improve posture too.

The Chest (pectorals) along with other muscles are used for pushing/pressing movements in the upper body. The Pectoaralis major has been found do be one of the most active upper body muscles in the golf swing.

“The Pectoralis Major is one of the most active muscles during the forward swing, acceleration and follow through stages of the golf swing.”

The screen shot above showing muscle activity in the upper body during the golf swing. This is taken from a study by McHardy & Pollard in 2005.

See the last slide in the video for more information. But generally, we want strength, power and stability in the chest muscles.

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